Switch Remote Play 0.7.3 Released

Switch Remote Play 0.7.3

Moehammered has just released a new version of his Switch Remote Play program, which was originally created by Justin Harris, which further improves the ability to play remotely on his Switch via the web browser.
As you know, this project makes it easy to play your Nintendo Switch remotely or locally through another device that has a keyboard / mouse / controller / touchscreen.
Just use your Switch as a controller to play games or as a mouse to open applications and then play games.
This version fixes the homebrew loader crash and other bugs, it also includes more configuration options.


     Added Encoder Preset, Codec, Control Rate Factor, and HWAccel ffmpeg options to the Switch app
     Fixed a control mapping bug for diagonal directions on the D-Pad being flipped accidentally
     Increased input send rate to 100 fps from 60 fps
     Updated UI to be more concise and make room for the extra configuration options

Switch Remote Play 0.7.3

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