Tinleaf Installer v1.4.1 Released

Tinleaf Installer v1.4.1

Blawar is back on the Nintendo Switch scene with a new version of its Tinleaf Installer utility which is now available in v1.4.1.
If you are looking for an alternative to Goldleaf, which is updated, you should turn to Tinleaf Installer.

Characteristics :
- Installation of NSP / NSZ / XCI / XCZ files and separation of NSP / XCI files from SD card
- Installation of NSP / NSZ / XCI / XCZ files on local network or USB from tools such as NS-USBloader
- Installation of NSP / NSZ / XCI / XCZ files on Internet via URL or Google Drive
- Verification of NCAs by signing the header before installation
- Quick and easy installation and management of the latest signature patches
- Works under SX OS and Atmosphere
The big novelty of this version 1.4.1 is that it has added support for SXOS USB HDD, this means that the tool can now be used with storage devices with a USB port (USB key, hard disk. ..), for this the developer relied on the developer branch (dev branch) of libusbhsfs, of which he had added support a few days earlier in version 1.4.0.

SXOS USB HDD is now working with the dev branch of libusbhsfs
Download: Tinleaf Installer v1.4.1

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