TinWoo Released


TinWoo is a new installer which works a bit like Tinfoil Installer or Awoo Installer and which has the particularity of supporting the very latest version of the libusbhsfs library, this means that it therefore supports the installation of files on hard drives with the system installed. NTFS and ext2 / 3/4 files.
Like its predecessors, the program supports installing NSP, NSZ, XCI and XCZ files by splitting them on the SD card, and it also supports DLC whether they come from a URL from a Google Drive or via tools such as ns-usbloader.

This software also integrates the possibility of automatically updating the sigpatches, as well as the support of themes via the personalization of the skins, and the addition of personalized sounds, provided to choose the same audio formats as those already present.

  •     -Installs NSP / NSZ / XCI / XCZ files and split NSP / XCI files from your SD card
  •     -Installs NSP / NSZ / XCI / XCZ files over LAN or USB from tools such as NS-USBloader
  •     -Installs NSP / NSZ / XCI / XCZ files over the internet by URL or Google Drive
  •     -Installs NSP / NSZ / XCI / XCZ files from a Hard Drive (NTFS / Fat32 / ExFat / EXT3 / EXT4)
  •     -Verifies NCAs by header signature before they're installed
  •     -Installs and manages the latest signature patches quickly and easily
  •     -Works on SX OS and Atmosphere
  •     -Able to theme, change install sounds

Download: TinWoo

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