ToDEX.bin on PS4 7.02 Released

ToDEX.bin on PS4 7.02

Zecoxao is in great shape and offers us the port of the ToDEX.bin payload on firmware 7.02. As you know, the revolution arrived on firmware 7.02 with the kernel exploit and the webkit exploit, then now the HEN which is fully functional.
For those unfamiliar with ToDex.bin, this is a payload that can be started using a payload launcher. ToDex.bin will take care of unlocking certain debugging features only accessible on PS4 TestKits, such as the possibility of playing fake PKG (FPKG) with active debugging on the trophies installed by a temporary conversion via a memory spoof sent at ID 0x82 (DEX).

As a reminder, ToDEX only copies the target ID from the PS4 to DEX and does not replace any module, so to return to a "normal" PS4 Retail, all you have to do is restart the console since the SAMU code required is still not available for full PS4 CEX2DEX conversion.
Be careful, you must act with caution, the Debug functions are always very sensitive, they concern backups, temporary data, user backup data ...

SonysNightmare ported the PS4 PUNCH payload launcher to firmware 7.02, so you can download it here.
Download: ToDEX.bin on PS4 7.02

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