Universal-otherapp 1.2.0 Released

Universal-otherapp 1.2.0

big news for the 3DS scene, the arrival of version 1.2.0 of universal-otherapp which brings neither more nor less than the support of firmware 11.14. This is a big novelty because until now the software was blocked at 11.13. In a few days, TuxSH therefore added support for the latest firmware, and improved it. otherapp is therefore now compatible with all regions and all firmware from 1.0 to 11.14.

Changelog universal-otherapp 1.2.0:
     current browserhax exploit is now supported without changes to the latter:
         memory usage decreased
         payload is now position-independent

You may have to rename this file to arm11code.bin to use it with 11.14 browserhax.
Download: universal-otherapp 1.2.0

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