Wumiibo v3.0 Released

Wumiibo v3.0

hax0kartik has just uploaded a new version of Wumiibo, this is the fourth public release of Wumiibo. As a reminder, Wumiibo is a tool that allows you to emulate Amiibo on the Nintendo 3DS and its big and little sisters. In fact, under this name hides a complete rewrite of the NFC module used to activate the Amiibo emulation.

Changelog Wumiibo 3.0:

Fix wumiibo not recognizing some amiibos correctly.
     This was fixed by commit 069eff6.All 47 games are now compatible with wumiibo.
     With some games you still need to do the workaround for them to not freeze.

File limit bumped to 400 per directory.
Introduce WumiiboHelper
     WumiiboHelper is an easy to use HB app. You can automatically download and install wumiibo from wumiibohelper.
     WumiiboHelper has an option Generate amiibos for a game which can be used to produce compatible amiibos for a compatible game right from your 3ds!
     Note: This app is not well tested, please open an issue if you encounter any error. Amiibos can also be generated manually by using this website: - https://hax0kartik.github.io/amiibo-generator/
Minor improvements have been made.

Download: Wumiibo v3.0

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