DS4Windows v2.2.1 Released

DS4Windows v2.2.1

Ryochan7 has just put online a new major version of DS4Windows which is now available in version 2.2.1. After working on v2.2.0, he quickly released v2.2.1 which fixes a problem with the USB of the DualShock 4. 


v2.2.0 brings many new features:

Import newer ViGEm.NET libraries for ViGEmBus 1.17.333.0 extended support
    Allow passthru of Touchpad and Gyro to output virtual DS4. Requires ViGEmBus 1.17.333.0 and Windows 10
    Put note about DS4Windows assembly architecture in Log. Needed to diagnose Exclusive mode problems.
    No longer reset X360 report data each gamepad poll
    Fixed Touchpad Swipe and Gyro Tilt controls index values for Profile Editor controls
    Fixed some 8 controller bugs. Make sure to save set profile and load setting
    Don't reset auto profile flags on device removal
    Sort auto profile list by app file name
    Allow binding to Mute button in Special Action editor
    Added DualSense Mute button to Gyro and Touchpad triggers
    Allow Mute button as a Shift Trigger
    Use a WrapPanel for Utils section
    Fixed crash on Windows 7 when attempting to download ViGEm installer. Side effect of targeting .NET Framework 4.8
    Remove Aero2 assembly reference
    Changed output method used for Windows 7 BT DS4 devices. Forced to use Control endpoint on Windows 7
    Have driver installer window choose different ViGEmBus installer depending on detected Windows OS install

Download: DS4Windows v2.2.1

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