ESP8266 Exploit Host 1.03, PS4 Temperature v1.03, PS4-Xplorer 1.28 Released

ESP8266 Exploit Host 1.03, PS4 Temperature v1.03, PS4-Xplorer 1.28

Two interesting new features for the PlayStation 4 scene, and more particularly for consoles with firmware 7.02.
The first of the new features is the arrival of version 1.03 of ESP8266 Exploit Host which is offered by BaNdZiOr alias bandzior85 which therefore offers a new compilation to bring some improvements. As you know ESP8266 Exploit Host is a solution for Esp8266 modules.

Changelog 1.03:

- Change on the mod theme
- Addition
  > Chronoss Fan-Threshold
  > Hen 2.1.3
  > Hen 2.1.3b
  > Linux Payloads from Sleirsgoevy
Download: ps4hackHostESP8266_v1.3.bin (direct link)

The second news is PS4 Temperature v1.03, this new version is offered by Zecoxao, it provides support for firmware 7.02. As a reminder, this application allows you to display the temperature, but also to define a trigger limit for the acceleration of the rotation of the fan. It was Lapy who developed PS4 Temperature, the developer relied on the work of Zecoxao who kept the universal.prx plugin updated via Unity, but this version 1.03 was compiled by Zecoxao.

Changelog 1.03:
- Added support for firmware 7.02
Download: PS4 Temperature v1.03
Another news that has just fallen, PS4-Xplorer 1.28 offered by Lapy.
Now it is possible to see the dates and times of modification of directories or files.
As you know, this is a tool developed in Unity and which will allow you to perform numerous operations to copy, paste, rename, delete files or folders.

Download: PS4-Xplorer 1.28

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