Esp8266 Host v1.1 Released

Esp8266 Host v1.1

The 7.02 Host Menu for ESP8266 modules are becoming increasingly rare, these small modules of a few euros have revolutionized the recent procedure in March 2018, by bringing autonomy where it was necessary to go through a PC or a smartphone to launch the hack previously.
Then came the possibility of loading the hack in cache, which suddenly limited the interest of using ESP8266 modules. Leeful74 and c0d3m4st4 left aside their proposal for the ESP8266 module, which did not benefit either from their support since they offered good solutions with the ESP Xploit Host.
We must therefore now turn to an alternative such as the Esp8266 Host v1.1 which has just been released, offered by bandzior85, it is, as its name suggests, an Esp8266 solution which incorporates the latest innovations dated as FTP or ps4debug, all for firmware 7.02 of course.

Changelog 1.1 + Fix:

- Added cache
- Patch ce-30391-6_fix
- ps4debug
- Compatible 7.02
Download: Esp8266 Host v1.1 (+ ce-30391-6_fix)










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