Gamer Hack v1.3 Host 7.02 Released

Gamer Hack v1.3 Host 7.02

The new version of the GamerHack online host has been available since yesterday for all owners of 7.02.

- ToDex
- Dumper
- ftp
- Devil update
- App2usb, Db backup and restore, Ps4 Debug.

Features added on 1.3:
- Fan Threshold (Beta),
- VR Enabler,
- Linux 2GB
- GTA V Mods (Arabic Guy - Native Caller)

Warning: The exploit 7.02 is absolutely not stable, at this time the success rate according to Al Azif is around 10%, it is advisable to stay in 5.05 and to backport your games at best otherwise to stay on the version 6.72.

Link of the online host:

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