PS4 Offline Account Activator for 7.02 Released

PS4 Offline Account Activator for 7.02

Joonie86 well known for being a very active member of the PlayStation 3 scene with the Rebug team, returns to offer a PS4 Offline Account Activator update on PS4.
The tool, originally created by Barthen, allows you to activate a PSN account and export its save data from a PlayStation 4 or PlayStation 4 Pro console.
The backups can thus be used on any console provided you put the same PSN account there, even on a console with a firmware higher than 5.05. 

This is also the interest of this version 1.1 proposed by Joonie, since it provides support for firmware 7.02.
As a reminder, you will need the PS4debug.bin plugin (which must be compiled).

Download: PS4 Offline Account Activator for 7.02

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  1. Great work, but too bad it appears to be another Windows-only tool. We need more cross-platform tools. Or at least make a command line version for .NET Core. Thanks!