PS4 Remote PKG Installer v0.0.3 Released

PS4 Remote PKG Installer v0.0.3

BenjaminFaal has just released a tool, at least a cross-platform user interface that supports Windows, macOS, Linux with which you can easily install PKGs on your PS4.
This tool is called PS4 Remote PKG Installer is a utility that works with ps4_remote_pkg_installer from Flatz, once run on your PlayStation 4 this interface allows you to find PKGs from a local network and install them without having to place them on external support.
FYI, PS4 Remote PKG Installer was written in java, so it supports all OS that supports Java 8.


  •     Install Remote PKG Installer on your PS4 by @flatz
  •     Install Java 8 or higher
  •     Download PS4 Remote PKG Installer
  •     Start the .jar file

    -PS4 automatic discovery
    -Wake up PS4 from standby
    -Start Remote PKG Installer
    -Install local PKG files
    -Install PKG files from RAR
    -Install PKG files from URL
    -Install Manifest JSON
    -View tasks
    -Manage tasks

Download: ps4-remote-pkg-installer v0.0.3

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