re3-vita v1.2 Released

re3-vita v1.2

Rinnegatamante informs us via his Twitter profile that he has uploaded version 1.2 of re3-vita which now has fixes for the management of physical elements, greatly improved graphics performance, and also fixes many bugs.

Changelog v1.2:
- Updated with the latest version of vitaGL.
- Added triple buffer (eliminates tearing when V-Sync is off).
- Greatly improved backface culling blacklist (There should no longer be invisible models under certain circumstances).
- Added support for PS2 Alpha Test emulation (you can enable or disable it in Graphics option. Suggested to disable it for better performance)
- Updated with the latest version of re3. (Among the various bug fixes and improvements, the physics now works correctly on Vita and the voice volume has been adjusted).
- Backported rain particles effect from GTA: Vice City (dramatically increases refresh rate during rainy scenes).
- More aggressive optimizations on the compilation phase.
Download: re3-vita v1.2

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