Switch Remote Play 0.8.0 Released

Switch Remote Play 0.8.0

Moehammered has just released a new version of Switch Remote Play, which is now in v0.8.0, and which aims to improve performance. This project makes it easy to play your Nintendo Switch remotely or locally through another device that has a keyboard / mouse / controller / touchscreen.
Changelog 0.8.0:
- Rewrote the operation of the menu system to facilitate the addition of configuration screens
- Added decoder configuration menu
- The available decoding options which can change the way the Switch decodes the ffmpeg stream are as follows
- Offers some good performance options to enable better quality stream routing
- Added controller configuration options
- Moved mouse sensitivity to controller setup screen
- Added option to toggle whether mouse is the default input mode when connecting to the stream
- Added a controller type option to choose between an X360 or DS4 controller
- Added button reversal options for XYAB
- Added support for X360 controller to PC application (thanks Theosirian)
Download: Switch Remote Play 0.8.0

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