TWiLightMenu ++ v18.1.0 Released

TWiLightMenu ++ V18.1.0

RocketRobz offers you a new version of TWiLightMenu ++ which is now in version V18.1.0.

As a reminder TWiLightMenu ++ is an alternative, open source and customizable menu for the Nintendo DS family.

In addition, it allows you to launch DS homebrews, DS games and roms, GBA, BD etc.

This is a minor update with a number of new features, fixes and improvements.

Changelog v18.1.0:
What's new?
    (@Epicpkmn11) Added RTL language support!
    (@wavemotion-dave) Atari emulators have been updated!

Bug fixes
    (@Epicpkmn11) The crashing with photo/boxart color debanding should now be fixed.
    (@Epicpkmn11) Fixed SELECT menu reappearing when pressing SELECT in the menu.

Download: TWiLightMenu ++ v18.1.0

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