Vita-Moonlight v0.9.0 Released

Vita-Moonlight v0.9.0

d3m3vilurr offers us version 0.9.0 of vita-moonlight.
Moonlight allows you to stream your pc on the screen of your PSVita. It is based on nVidia Gamestream and therefore GeForce Exprerience and a GTX nVidia 650 or higher graphics card required.

Changelog 0.9.0 :
    Expose local audio setting to the end user (#173)
    Remember the currently connected address (7998108)
    Add a 21:9 resolution (1280x540) to Settings (f1eb931)
    Properly display stream in the correct display ratio, and place in the middle of the screen (14e3a2c)
    Since GFE will add blackbars to the stream even when a non-16:9 monitor is using 16:9 resolution,
    there is another option to use along the 21:9 resolution to only display the center 16:9 region (5b7a2cc)
    Detect supported resolutions (#193)
    Add new option to enable/disable of the vita vblank waiting (#197)

Download: Vita-Moonlight v0.9.0

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