Xemu v0.5 Released

Xemu v0.5

The Xemu emulator, which is responsible for restoring the functioning of an original Xbox, has just been updated to version 0.5, bringing new improvements for the audio and graphics part.

All the improvements made by the new emulator version are featured in a brand new trailer which you can watch below. Among the optimizations in version 0.5, there are fixes to allow better BIOS compatibility, and general usability improvements: preliminary audio support has been added!

The compatibility list can be found on the official website: https://xemu.app/
Open Source:
Source code is publicly available. Users are invited to help improve the project!
Cross Platform:
xemu works natively on Windows, macOS, and Linux platforms.
The System Link network:
System Link is supported by default. Connect to other instances of xemu and even real Xboxes, locally or over the internet.
Support for gamepads
Designed with SDL2, xemu supports virtually any gamepad. Connect up to 4 controllers at any time, like a real Xbox.
Snapshots (Save States)
No need to wait for checkpoints. xemu supports saving current state and loading it anytime.
Download: Xemu

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