AIO Switch Updater v2.2.1 Released

AIO Switch Updater v2.2.1

HamletDuFromage Updates its AIO Switch Updater software to run on the latest version of the switch and ams. As a reminder, this software allows you to do a lot of small things like putting the right dns for 90 dns - lan play etc ... Update the cfw, the cheats codes and lots of cool functions.

Changelog :

    Fixed non Atmosphere CFW being wrongly categorised as ams.


    For, the build ID of a running game will now be fetched, allowing you to access cheat sheets even if the build ID isn't listed in the versions database.


    Fixed bad copy paste in code that prompted users to download ams instead of hekate after downloading ams.


    Added a friendly reminder to reboot for new sigpatches to apply.
    Changed the cheatslips cheatsheet view.


    Switched to a better way to get links (updates more often and is more robust)


    Fixed a bug not letting the user click no when asked if they want to install hekate


    Added ability to download cheats sheets
    Added way to toggle out tabs
    Added url selector for web browser
    Various code improvements

Download: AIO Switch Updater

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