DeepSea 2.0.1 already supports Atmosphere 0.18.0

DeepSea 2.0.1 already supports Atmosphere 0.18.0

It goes very quickly Team-Neptune, as soon as a new version of Atmosphere is released, he updates his all-in-one DeepSea kit with the latest version available. So now v2.0.1 has already landed, after a flash v2.0.0. DeepSea is an AIO Pack bringing together all in one for ease of accessibility for Atmosphere users.
With this new 2.x branch, DeepSea now has a script that is easier to implement to build the final versions more simply, and there is a new "Discussions" tab on the Github which allows you to send ideas back to set up in order to avoid polluting the "Issues" tab. Version 2.0.1 corrects a problem when too many system modules were activated. All modules except Tesla have been disabled, so you can still control them.

Atmosphere was updated to 0.18.0
Every homebrew is on its latest version.

We removed following homebrews:
    DeepSea Updater

Added following homebrews:
    DeepSea Assets (also to the "minimal" package)

Download: DeepSea 2.0.1

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