DeepSea 2.1.0 / RetroRealoaded 1.58 Released

DeepSea 2.1.0 / RetroRealoaded 1.58

The developers are in working order to update their AIO solution to support the latest version of Atmosphere. This is the case of Team-Neptune and RetroGamer74 which respectively offer a new version of DeepSea and RetroReloaded.
On DeepSea, which is available in version 2.1.0, the developer has added Atmosphere 0.18.1 and all homebrews have their latest version available to date. Again, for version 1.58, RetroReloaded now supports Atmosphere 0.18.1.

The rest is classic, for those who do not know these packs, files that allow you to easily achieve a hack on Switch, provided that it is willing to host it.

Download: DeepSea 2.1.0 / RetroRealoaded 1.58

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