GTA San Andreas on PSVITA Released

GTA San Andreas on PSVITA 

TheFlow ported GTA San Andreas to PlayStation Vita and PlayStation TV.
After GTA III, GTA Vice City, it is now GTA San Andreas which is available! Well clearly, he optionally advises to overclock to 500 Mhz, and it officially works with the Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas v2.00 version of Android.
    Changed to Xbox 360 buttons mapping (while keeping PS3 icons).
        Fixes fighting moves
        Allows switching target using L2/R2.
        Changes bunny hop from double X to L1.
    Fixed rain and classic shadows rendering.
    Improved loading speed. Thanks to Graphene.
    Fixed thread scheduling. Thanks to Graphene.
    Fixed crash on exit.
    Removed redundant mobile controls menu entries.

    Initial release.

Download: GTA San Andreas

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