Max Payne Mobile is also on Switch

Max Payne Mobile is also on Switch

fgsfds, after making the Vita version, has just uploaded the port of this Vita adaptation from Max Payne Mobile to Switch, it is more of a proof of concept than anything else, since it is directly accessible in enjoying the original version by launching Android on Switch using Switchroot.

he made some optimizations:
- 720p or 1080p screen resolution;
- Reactivated shadow and character debris effects
- Revised gamepad controls
- Option to disable the fog effect

To be able to use it, this port requires access to the svcMapProcessCodeMemory, svcUnmapProcessCodeMemory and svcSetProcessMemoryPermission syscalls.
All this has been tested on a Switch running Atmosphere 0.18.1 with Mesosphere running FW 10.1.0.
Download: MaxPayneNX_r1 (3.05 MB)

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