nds-bootstrap 0.36.0 and TWiLightMenu ++ 18.5.0 Released

nds-bootstrap 0.36.0 and TWiLightMenu ++ 18.5.0

Here is that the 100th release of nds-bootstrap arrives, version 0.36.0 of nds-bootstrap has just been proposed by RocketRobz. As a reminder, this is an open-source application that can load homebrews, DS and DSi roms natively. It is thanks to the hard work of ahezard, Gericom, Apache, Robz8, _catcatcat and shutterbug2000, that we can now load NDS games from the SD card, without flash card / SLOT-1 card or flashcard.
nds-bootstrap had not been updated since May 09, 2020, more than 10 months ago, and here are the fixes for this version.


  •     Download the .7z file.
  •     Extract the nds-bootstrap (or B4DS, for DS-mode flashcards) .nds files, to root:/_nds.
  •     Extract the .ver file to root:/_nds/TWiLightMenu.

Changelog nds-bootstrap 0.36.0

What's new?

    Two DSiWare games now boot in their DS mode demo versions!
        Pop Island
        Pop Island: Paperfield
    Reg: (@xonn83 and me) You can now swap the screens by holding L+R+UP+X for 1 second. Useful for consoles with the GameBoy Macro mod.
        Note that this doesn't work for all games (or all areas of the game), and some games that do work with this feature, will corrupt some graphics.
        This will also not work with B4DS, due to memory limitations.
    Reg: Added a Hi heap shrink setting.
        Set this, if there's a cheat code not working. If this does not fix it, then wait for a fix.
        Set by setting CARDENGINE_CACHED to 2 in nds-bootstrap.ini.

Improvements (Reg)

    ARM7 binary is now stripped when pre-loading a ROM into RAM (as it's already loaded).
        This allows more 28MB (or 12MB for DSi) ROMs to fit into RAM.
    FAT table cache is now copied to DSi WRAM, if:
        DSi WRAM is not mirrored (DSiWarehax not used, in other words)
        Game is running in DS mode
        Game is on the console's SD card

Bug fixes

    Reg: Slot-1 is now disabled, in order for sleep mode to work with any card inserted in Slot-1!
        Ejecting the Slot-1 card will also no longer cause the console to reboot or shut down!
        This does not affect IR games such as Pok√©mon HGSS, if Slot-1 isn't empty.
    Reg: Fixed sound in Dragon Ball Z: Goku Densetsu and some SDK5 THUMB games, if using DSiWarehax (e.g. Memory Pit).
    Reg: Fixed a bug with reading a pre-loaded 28.5MB (or 12.5MB for DSi) ROM from RAM.
    Fix long-standing bug with overlay pack size calculation.
Download: nds-bootstrap 0.36.0

Its other program, TWiLightMenu ++, is regularly updated, so it logically offers a new version, but the surprise effect is less since this is the case every 15 days. The fact remains that his work should be highlighted, and the improvements in this "After Valentine's Day" version are interesting, the developer used to publish a "Valentine" version every year, a bit like Halloween or Christmas.
It is version 18.5.0 which has just been put online and it brings its share of innovations.

Changelog TWiLightMenu++ 18.5.0

What's new?

    A single-screen mode called Macro Mode has been added, and runs entirely on the bottom screen! Useful for consoles with the GameBoy Macro mod.
    Added Atari XEGS to TWLMenu++ Virtual Console!
        .xex and .atr files are launched by XEGS-DS (@wavemotion-dave).
    If the launched homebrew contains an ARM9 binary bigger than 3.5MB, it'll have Unlaunch boot it.
        Works around the black screen bug in the DSi port of Super Mario 64 (not 64 DS), so you can save your progress!
    Added AP fix for Spanish translation of Gyakuten Kenji 2/Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth: Prosecuter's Path.
    3DS theme: Removed GBA icon.
        It is kept in DS mode with the Native GBA option set.


    (@Epicpkmn11 and various) Updated translations.
    Improved homebrew check.

Bug fixes

    3DS consoles: Fixed IR not working in games that support it.
        Achieved by rebooting the console before booting the game, if there's something inserted in Slot-1.
    (@Epicpkmn11) Fixed some bugs related to font rendering.
    DSi-based themes: Fixed TWLMenu++ crashing with a Guru Meditation Error, if running via Memory Pit.
Download: TWiLightMenu ++ 18.5.0

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