PS4 Cheater supports firmware 7.02

PS4 Cheater supports firmware 7.02

ctn123 updated their PS4 Cheater app a few days ago to support firmware 7.02.
As a reminder, PS4 Cheater is a tool that allows you to easily search for cheater codes in PlayStation 4 games. From now on it will no longer be the jkpatch payload that will be used but ps4debug, it works better in multi-threading.

Changelog 1.5.2:

- Try multithreaded parsing if you can get additional performance.
- The progress bar now correctly switches to “Memory analysis…”, it was previously displayed during scanning.
Changelog 1.5.1:
- Porting PS4_Cheater from jkpatch to ps4debug.
How to use it:
- Open the web page containing the exploit and inject the payload.bin file contained in the 6.72 / 7.02 folder of the .zip archive with "Send Payload"
- Start the game.
- Click on "Refresh Processes" to update the processes, - Select the name of the process, select eboot.bin.
- Select the section, then enter the search value (for example, money).
- Click on "First Scan".
- Spend the money in the game, then select "Next scan". Repeat this step until there are only a few numbers left.
- Select the address to modify, enter the value to modify in the query field.
- To send.
Download: PS4 Cheater

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