PS5TrophyExtract0r v1.0 Released

PS5TrophyExtract0r v1.0

KuromeSan offers a new tool for the PlayStation 5 scene, PS5TrophyExtract0r is a utility that will allow you to extract data files from PS5 trophies.
The PS5 uses a whole new format of trophies, in fact the .trp format (used on Vita, PS3 and PS4) has been replaced by the .ucp format.
Indeed, the .ucp now uses JSON files instead of XML, JSON is much more flexible to use. In fact the tool allows to decrypt the trophy00.ucp and uds.ucp.

To achieve this utility, the help of SilicaAndPina has been brought to extract the format.
Download: PS5TrophyExtract0r v1.0

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