SPIway 0.60 for PS5 Released

SPIway 0.60 for PS5

In November 2013, a few days after launch of the PS4, a program called SPIway was born and it was intended for those who had a Teensy ++ 2.0 flasher. At the time it was thus possible to dump the Nand of the PS4.

The goal of this SPIway program, proposed by Judges at the time, was to dump the MX25L25635FMI-10G chip from the PS4, and now this possibility is coming to PS5!
Abkarino, a member of Team Rebug, worked and developed a new version of SPIway over three months ago when the PS5 was released, but with his personal life he hadn't made it available to the General public.

Since he improved the code, he cleaned it up, and therefore added support for the PS5 SPI Flash "W25Q16JVSNIM", which is therefore the equivalent of the MX25L25635FMI-10G of the PS4 and which therefore includes support for the Nand of the PS5.
The possibility of dumping the Nand does not necessarily mean the future availability of a hack, but the Nand allows for some additional research, he would like to thank Centrinouk, who also works on a ppl project on PS4, allowing to spend from 5.05 / 7.02 to 8.03 with a swap.
a member tested SPIway 0.60 on his PS5 and it works, so it is now possible to dump and flash the Nand of the PS5.
Download: SPIway 0.60

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  1. Spiway v0.60 not working for teensy 2.0+++

  2. Flash it and your teensy is unrecognized.