The fourth version of Max Payne on VITA

The fourth version of Max Payne on VITA

At the end of January we told you about the arrival of Max Payne on PlayStation Vita and PlayStation Tv, through the adaptation of the mobile version of Max Payne Android.
These are fgsfds & TheFloW who are in the process, and now fgsfds has already uploaded the R4 of max_vita, the loader allowing to load the title, and it brings many corrections and optimizations.

This update adds FIOS2 E/S support from the GTA: San Andreas port to reduce slowdowns related to reading on SD cards.
A settings configuration file has also been added, along with the ability to enable or disable the squat. The changelog is awesome. 

    added FIOS2 I/O from the GTASA port to reduce stutter due to SD reads;
    added a config file with a bunch of settings to tweak;
    restored debris (bullet cases and empty mags);
    added crouch toggle option to circumvent the problem with the face buttons;
    added option to load priority archives (ie MPM mod archives; no PC mod will probably work without edits);
    other misc changes.

If you already had a previous release installed and working, you only need to install the new VPK for this update.

Known issues
    The game takes a while to start and load levels.
    Key binding menu does not display button names correctly.
    Intro movies don't play, since the player is not implemented.

Download: max_vita R4

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