Check Game Firmware (CGFw) v2.08 Released

Check Game Firmware (CGFw) v2.08

OfficialAhmed has just uploaded a brand new version of Check Game Firmware or CGFw, its tool that allows you to know what firmware is required minimum is necessary to run a PS4 game. Its tool can therefore prove to be very useful at the moment, since the kexploit has just landed on 7.50, 7.51 and 7.55, firmwares which cover an impressive number of games!
As a reminder, this tool is responsible for comparing the game's release date and the official firmware release dates, then determines whether a game is playable with the selected firmware or not. It is not 100% accurate, but it is very correct in terms of the information returned.

This new version 2.08 modifies the database and corrects some bugs.

Changelog 2.08:

- No longer supports old database links redirected to different database links
- Some bugs fixed
- More precise compatibility percentages when searching
- Download the ZIP file from the link provided and extract the file
- Always run the exe as administrator
- Choose the desired firmware in the upper left corner
- Type in the title of the game then start a search
Download: Check Game Firmware (CGFw) v2.08 / Mega Link (34mb)

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