Easy PKG Extractor 1.07 Released

Easy PKG Extractor 1.07

Lapy is once again very responsive since it has just put online version 1.07 of Easy PKG Extractor, probably one of the most essential homebrews on PS4 and PS4 Pro since this utility allows us to dump our games once they are installed in the console, which avoids having to keep them on an external hard drive in the form of PKG in order to be able to reinstall them if necessary.
With Easy PKG Extractor you can thus extract the PKG files currently installed in your console on a USB device connected to it. It is possible to achieve the same using the FTP server or PS4-Xplorer, but it is not as easy as with this application.

As you can imagine, this version 1.07 brings the support of firmware 7.50, 7.51 and 7.55, and now the support of Lapy is numerous, he would like to thank TheBoySassy21, PepeCobain95, sandy22066224, Pipo81152614 and lucillesize1899 for their participation.
Download: Easy PKG Extractor 1.07

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