GTA: SA Vita v1.4 Released

GTA: SA Vita v1.4

And now version 1.4 of GTA: San Andreas Mobile has landed, it must be said that it is now the only version that is officially available on PlayStation Vita or PlayStation TV, the others have been withdrawn at the request of Take Two. Developer TheFlow has just released a new version which further improves the performance of the title, fixes some crashes when you change languages, especially with Japanese and Russian, and also improves the controls.


Changelog v1.4 :
    Updated openal for better performance. Thanks to isage.
    Fixed crash when selecting japanese/russian language. Thanks to adjutantt.
    Improved control scheme. Thanks to XirXes and darthbellic.

Follow the instructions on
If you have already installed GTA: SA Vita, just install the new vpk and replace the existing installation. See for the new controls.txt file.
Download: GTA: SA Vita v1.4

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