GTA San Andreas 1.5 Released

GTA San Andreas 1.5

Here is already the version 1.5 of GTA Without Andreas which points the tip of its nose, e port of the mobile version of GTA San Andreas is indeed once again improved on PlayStation Vita and PlayStation TV.
TheFlow and Rinnegatamante have added a new option that allows you to play radio tracks, and now MP3 options have been optimized to improve loading speed.
Cheats codes have also been made and fixes and improvements add to the fun of the game.

Changelog 1.5 :
    Added option to allow cut radio songs to play.
        See for how to restore removed songs.
    Added MP3 fuzzy seek option to improve loading speed.
    Added custom codes to activate mobile cheats:
        "THEFLOW" - Invincibility
        "RINNEGATAMANTE" - Weapon set 4
    Fixed mixed cheat codes.
    Fixed plane rudder controls.
    Improved the "Resume" menu entry to load the latest save (manual and auto save).
        Selecting the "Quit Game" menu entry will now create a quick-save which can be loaded via the "Resume" menu entry.
    Improved performance by redirecting mpg123 to our own library.
    Improved performance by using better algorithms in vitaGL.

Download: GTA San Andreas 1.5 (Vita/PSTV)

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