IrisMan 4.87.1 Released

IrisMan 4.87.1

Aldostools, or Aldo Vargas, is still active and proves it once again by offering a new build of IrisMan.
Still based on version 4.87.1, this build remains according to the experimental developer who allows mounting compressed zip files containing a single ISO image (CUE / BIN, ISO, IMG or MDF) without subfolders.
The zip file should be stored in PSXISO, PSPISO, PS2ISO, PS3ISO, DVDISO or BDISO of FAT32 or on the internal hard drive. The function supports ZIP, RAR and 7zip archives.
The zip is temporarily extracted in / dev_hdd0 / tmp / extract then the extracted ISO is mounted normally by IRISMAN. Indeed the extracted PS1 games are started directly on CFW.

The extraction time is directly proportional to the size of the extracted ISO. This function is ideal for small PS1 and PSP games which usually have a good compression ratio and the image file can be decompressed in seconds.
Some PS2 games can run as .zip, especially small game CDs and DVDs that can be ripped quickly.
PS3, BD and DVD ISOs are also supported (not tested) however the compression ratio of these formats is generally low and requires a long wait time for decompression due to their larger size.
The developer would like to thank DeViL303 for the idea and to bucanero for the zip library.
Download: IrisMan 4.87.1

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