PS4 Temperature 1.04 Released

PS4 Temperature 1.04

Lapy is back with a new version of PS4 Temperature, although it is not yet advisable to upgrade to firmware 7.55 if you are on a newer firmware, simply because the launch rate of the exploit is by about 10%, the tools are gradually being updated. 

Lapy already offers version 1.04 of PS4 Temperature which supports firmware 7.50, firmware 7.51 and firmware 7.55. Here again he would like to thank Zecoaxao for the work done, and also Centrinouk for the Beta Test. He also thanked PepeCobain95 for his contribution, recalling that Lapy is in Cuba and that the internet conditions are sometimes a bit special, especially on the mobile network which is overpriced.
Download: PS4 Temperature 1.04

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