PS4 Xplorer v1.30 and PS4 Tools Homebrew v1.1 Released

PS4 Xplorer v1.30 and PS4 Tools Homebrew v1.1

TheDarkprogrammer invites us to discover two new versions of PS4 Xplorer and PS4 Tools Homebrew.
It confirms to us that PS4-Xplorer is in version v1.30, as a reminder it is an application created under Unity and which allows you to perform various operations such as cut, copy, paste, rename, delete files or folders, or explore console storage.
In this new version, installing a program or game now works on preview screens by pressing X. 

Download: PS4 Xplorer v1.30

The PS4 Tools Homebrew tool has also been updated, Multi Firmware support has now been properly enabled. It also added USB scanning and PKG installation, as well as some general fixes.

Download: PS4_Tools Homebrew v1.1

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