reF00D v1.1 Released

reF00D v1.1

In January 2019, dots-tb unveiled ref00d, a plugin that allows you to run modules such as games or system applications that require firmware different from yours. This incorporated things like 3.69 games or 3.51 apps, knowing that ReF00D was compatible from 3.60 to 3.73.
Princess of Sleeping now unveils an update to ReF00D with version 1.1, and the improvements are significant! 

Changelog ReF00D 1.1 :

    Fixed many bugs
    Sped up program decryption time
    Removed keys.bin dependency
    reF00D now decrypts all programs
    Added custom key set to take advantage of SCE system features in HB. Requested by @GrapheneCt.

To install reF00D on your console, you need to:
- Download the plugin and the keys
- Copy the SKPRX file you download into ux0: / tai or ur0: / tai depending on the directory where your taiHEN plugins are located
- Place the key file you downloaded in ur0: / tai EVEN if the plug-in is in ux0: / tai
- Open your taiHEN configuration file and add the plugin under the heading * KERNEL
- Enjoy FW 3.69 games and revoked apps on your PSVita!
Special thanks:
- The Molecule team for releasing the p00r.
- To Silica for her mental illness (who actually cares about PSM) which made us realize that the headers weren't always in order.
- To motoharu, aerosoul, TheFloW, xerpi, St4rk, Mathieulh, zecoxao for applying reverse engineering to part of the PSVita code and creating useful tools.
Test team:
Amadeus, Samilop Iter, Thibobo, Yoti, Waterflame, Z3R0

Download: reF00D v1.1

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