DevilutionX 1.2.1 Released

DevilutionX 1.2.1

diasurgical has updated its devilutionX engine to port Diablo on Switch to version 1.2.1.

This update fixes various bugs found in the gameplay itself, which could spoil the user experience a bit.

Of course, the original game files are not included

Bug fixes

Gharbad no longer has to lose his sight before progressing in his quest.
Diablo: morphing negative AC items in multiplayer
Diablo: Griswold and Wirt sell unusually expensive items
Diablo: Gold does not go straight to inventory
Diablo Hellfire: Some monsters have lower HP than expected
Diablo Hellfire: The Auric Amulet has no effect in most scenarios.
Graphics / Audio
Windows: Defective audio
Vita: Unable to edit hero name on creation screen.
Stability / Performance / System
The quest panel crashes the game for some quests.
Windows: Some systems get a sensor authorization error
Windows: Stability and object morphing issues in Hellfire.
Fixes to the original Hellfire bugs.
Rage / Search / Lightningwall did not take into account the hero level for the first player.
The Sparkling Altar deals an incorrect amount of damage.
Items with a negative AC turn into multiplayer.
Download: DevilutionX 1.2.1

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