Earthblade, the latest game of Celeste developer

Earthblade, the latest game of Celeste developer

Fans of either TowerFall or Celeste will be interested in this bit of news: Extremely OK Games, who developed the aforementioned two titles, is working on a new project named Earthblade. Maddy Thorson, the director of Celeste, explained that Earthblade will be another 2D pixel game, using the term "explor-action" to describe the gameplay. The teaser video offers a look at the logo, as well as a short music piece, serving as a "vibe reveal", rather than a full showcase of what the game has in store. Thorson further comments on Earthblade's development by saying, "It'll probably be a while before you get more information about Earthblade", and that progress will be slow, but the team has a definite idea of where they're going with the project.

Earthblade — that's the name of our next game! We‘re also showing off this teaser poster, and a snippet from the game's soundtrack. The poster and logo are by Pedro Medeiros, and the music by Lena Raine.

Think of this as a vibe reveal. We didn't want to reveal much about the game or its story yet, but we think that this well establishes the world and the feeling of being in it. We also just wanted to let everyone know the name of the game now that we've settled on one, so that we can all stop calling it EXOK4.

We've debated back and forth how to talk about this game during development. While making Celeste, we basically tweeted out whatever interesting-looking thing we were working on day-to-day, when we were in the mood for sharing. But an air of mystery lends itself particularly well to this project, so we've opted to save it all up for a big reveal that will hopefully blow your socks off.

It'll probably be a while before you get more information about Earthblade. When we finally do show it off, be sure to point your feet away from animals and small children, and prepare for your footwear to be blasted clean off your feet. In the meantime, now you know the general vibe. Vibe reveal!

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