FreePSXBoot v1.1 Released

FreePSXBoot v1.1

While the first version of FreePSXBoot was only supported by the SCPH-9000 model, a new version has arrived and it supports many bios, therefore new references.
Unveiled at the beginning of April 2021, FreePSXBoot allows you to put forward a hack on PS One without needing a single game, functioning much like the FMCB of the PS2.

In less than a week version 1.0 was released and v1.1 is now released on Github with bios support 1.0 (SCPH-1000), 1.1 (SCPH-3000), 2.0 (SCPH-1002), 2.1 (SCPH1002 to SCPH-3500), 2.2 (SCPH-1001 to SCPH-5000), 3.0 (SCPH-5001 to SCPH7003), 4.1 (SCPH-7001 to SCPH-9003), 4.3 (SCPH-100), 4.4 and 4.5 (SCPH-101 to SCPH-102).

Changelog :

    2021-04-21: Added support for BIOS 1.1, and fixed BIOS 2.0 exploit (needs icache flush to work)
    2021-04-21: Progress bar added in stage2 payload (thanks Nicolas Noble)
    2021-04-20: Added support for BIOS 3.0 1996-09-09 (SCPH-5500) (thanks sickle)
    2021-04-19: Added support for BIOS 1.0 and 4.3 (SCPH-1000 and SCPH-100 respectively)
    2021-04-19: Exploit 100% reliable for every supported BIOS; now hooks an ISR (thanks sickle)
    2021-04-19: Unirom version updated to 8.0.F

Download: FreePSXBoot v1.1

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