GoldHEN v1.1 by SiSTR0 Released

GoldHEN v1.1 by SiSTR0

So there you have it, the new GoldHEN 1.1 payload is available.
Distributed exclusively by Joonie, the developer of Team Rebug, GoldHEN 1.1 from SiSTR0 is now officially compatible with firmware 7.50 and 7.51, so this is the novelty that Joonie was talking about.

By the way, the stability has been improved, he would like to thank all the testers who contributed, that's not all since the FTP service is now operational with V1.1.
## v1.1
- Improved stability and FTP service
## v1.0
- Public release
Download: GoldHEN v1.1 by SiSTR0

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