Goldleaf 0.9 Released

Goldleaf 0.9

Everyone has passed by ... and yet been out for almost 3 months now!
XorTroll released version 0.9 of Goldleaf, and 0.4 of Quark on February 9, 2021, after more than a year of absence.

On the program, code simplifications, bug fixes, simplifications of functions, addition of random themes, addition of USB Drive support (library to add the usb drive function in homebrews, with FAT / exFat / NTFS support), and two versions of Quark, in java8 and java9 or higher, to avoid version problems for those who had them; and some other new features to discover in the changelog.



    Simplified directory deleting logic for both Goldleaf and Quark, making everything less slower (thanks @pheki)


    Introducing savedata browsing! select a game from the game manager menu, and mount it's savedata. Note that, if you forget to unmount them manually, they will be automatically unmounted when Goldleaf is exited

    Support for firmware installing, via Atmosphere's ams:su service extension!

    Now fatal crashes are avoided, and Goldleaf will just display an error message via the console's error applet, and save its own report with information about the crash/error.

    Simplified and cleaned a lot of internal code, hopefully making everything more stable

    Updated libnx and Plutonium - this implies support for previously unsupported special text (Japanese and Chinese characters, etc.) with last Plutonium

    Removed emuiibo manager - emuiibo's overlay is now the optimal and recommended manager for emuiibo

    Amiibo dumping support was updated to match emuiibo's format

    Non-lowercase file extensions (.TXT, .biN, .Nsp, etc.) are now properly supported

    Fixed resetting a title's launch version, which wasn't properly implemented on previous releases

    Now dumped firmware will be compatible with Atmosphere's Daybreak firmware tool, deprecating Choi support (as Daybreak is a better and safer alternative)

    Removed support for dumping firmware as NSP packages, as no relevent firmware tool makes use of that format

    Reboot-to-payload functionality (which can be used with .bin files) has been internally improved with Atmosphere's bpc:ams extensions

Download: Goldleaf 0.9

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