mGBA 0.9.1 Released

mGBA 0.9.1

endrift has just released the update to mGBA, which is now stamped with 0.9.1 numbering. For those who do not know this software, it is a utility that emulates a Game Boy, Game Boy Advance or Game Boy Color on PC, 3DS, Nintendo Wii, PlayStation Vita, and also the Nintendo Switch.
This new update is a version that fixes many bugs, it contains many important fixes for bugs that were not detected before the release of 0.9.0. These include fixes for save states affecting both GBA and GBC, lag of the OpenGL renderer when fast forwarding, and better detection of Pokémon ROM hacks.

Correction on emulation:
ARM: Fix LDM ^ with empty rlist (fix # 2127)
Core: Correction of the programming of the first event after loading the savestate
GB Serialize: Fixed speed mode change when loading a report (fixed # 2097)
GB: Fixed BIOS skipping
GBA memory: Fixed loading of Thumb savestates in ARM mode.
GBA video: Fixed starting window on 3-5 modes with mosaic (fixes # 1690)
GBA video: Fixed mode 3-5 overflow with mosaic (fixes # 1691)
Other fixes:
GBA: Fixed non-USA FireRed 1.0 incorrectly detected as ROM hack (fixed # 2100)
GBA: Fixed crash when ROM failed to load
GBA e-Reader: Fixed reading short bitmap tapes
GBA video: Fixed caching of frame 1 of mode 5 (fixes # 2075)
GBA Video: No longer tries to copy invalid registers when switching renderers.
Qt: Fixed a crash when switching from a high resolution OpenGL renderer to software
Qt: Fixed OpenGL renderer lag when fast forwarding (fixes # 2094)
Qt: Fix stained window icon on Windows
Qt: Fix saving settings allowing camera when camera name changes (fix # 2125)
Qt: Fixed frame buildup (fixed # 2122)
Qt: Restore maximized state at startup (fixed # 487)
Core: Truncates preloading of ROMs that slightly exceed the maximum size (fixes # 2093)
VBA: Default enabled for compatibility with VBA bugs for Ruby and Emerald ROM hacks.
GBA Memory: Records GPIO writes to non-GPIO cards as Pak Hardware instead of Memory.
Qt: Adding name and size of ROM file to bug report
Qt: Improved handling of disabling compilation mode for VBA bugs (fix # 2129)
Download: mGBA 0.9.1

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