MissionControl 0.5.0 Pre-release

MissionControl 0.5.0 Pre-release

It also adapts to the new version of Atmosphere, a pre-release of MissionControl has just been brought to light by its developer ndeadly.
First of all, let us remember that MissionControl is a personalized sysmodule allowing the use of third-party bluetooth controllers, such as DualShock 4 or Xbox controllers, but also many other models, this new version adding no less than 7 new references, for the Most no dongle will be needed, it works directly natively on the Switch.
The developer would first like to point out that the new 12.0.0 update has brought many changes to the bluetooth service, and many parameters have been changed, so some no longer work. This is a first release to make primary adjustments to HOS from 12.0.0 / Atmosphere 0.19.x, so expect some bugs. In principle, if your device worked before, in theory it should work fine. There are more than thirty controllers that are officially supported, we can cite for the most famous all the Wii, Wii U, PS4, PS5, Xbox One S and X, nVidia Shield or even 8bitDo, Steelseries or even controllers. Mad-Catz.

    Added support for 12.0.0 firmware
    Added initial rumble support for selected major console controllers
    Added support for the following controllers
        Razer Raiju Tournament
        Gamesir T1s
        8BitDo SN30 Pro Xbox Cloud Gaming Edition
        Mad Catz C.T.R.L.R for Samsung
        Steelseries Stratus Duo
        iCade controller
        LanShen X1Pro
    Added support for Sony Dualsense player leds/lightbar colour and battery level reporting (thanks @Hydr8gon)
    Added a global module configuration ini file
    Added support for spoofing the Bluetooth host adapter name and address
    Added support for an alternative report format for Mocute 050 controllers on certain firmware revisions
    Added mitm for btdrv SetTsi function, so that the command isn't sent to non-switch controllers. This fixed an issue Gamesir G3s and G4s controllers being disconnected after some time. May also improve reliability for other controllers.
    Removed call to CheckApiVersion function. This was intended for internal Atmosphere usage and was the major reason Mission Control would often require an update after a new Atmosphere release.
    Button combos for Home and Capture buttons are now also applied to official Nintendo controllers
    Updated to use new sf semantics introduced in Atmosphere 0.18.0
    Updated to use latest libstratosphere. This reduces the size of the module by almost 50%
    Added git branch, commit hash and tagged version when generating .zip file for distribution

Download: MissionControl 0.5.0 Pre-release

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