NeXT 2.01 and DeepSea 2.2.0 Released

NeXT 2.01 and DeepSea 2.2.0

It didn't take long to see the new versions of DeepSea and NeXT unload, all of them for the Nintendo Switch.
NeXT is an AIO which correctly supports custom firmware whether with Atmosphere or SX OS, moreover its application management is simplified and is done via the interface which has the advantage of being clear. Simply put, this is an "emergency" version offered by mistervampi with some updates.

Changelog NeXT

Atmosphere -> 0.19.0 -> 12.0.0  
Hekate -> 5.5.5 -> 12.0.0
TegraExplorer -> 3.0.4
Lockpick -> 1.9.1
Incognito RCM -> 0.6.9

Download: NeXT 2.01

On the DeepSea side, there too the objective is to update compared to firmware 12.0.0.
Before upgrading, be sure to disable or remove "missioncontrol" (atmosphere / contents / 010000000000bd00).
Due to recent changes in Atmosphere and HOS, it will cause errors on startup.

Changelog DeepSea
- Update of Atmosphere in 0.19.0
- Updated Hekate to 5.5.5
- Update of all homebrews to their most recent versions
- Temporary removal of missioncontrol due to breaking ams mitm changes and bluetooth service changes by 12.0.0 update
- Fixed typos in the readme.
Download: DeepSea 2.2.0

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