Nx-Btred and Checkpoint Released

Nx-Btred and Checkpoint

Plutoo, which we know well because it has worked for a long time on Wii U and then on Switch, offers the Switch scene a new tool called nx-btred and which is released as a Bluetooth audio driver / redirector for Switch.
It uses the audrec: u service to record game audio, then the product on the new bluetooth audio driver introduced in firmware 12.0.0.

    Install firmware 12.0.0+.
    Install latest Atmosphere.
    Install latest MissionControl.
    Download nx-btred and unzip to your SD card.

Due to a limitation of the audrec:u service, only games audio can be recorded (not the system applets).

Download: nx-btred

SciresM offers its fork of Checkpoint, as a reminder, CheckPoint allows you to manage your backups on 3DS and on Switch, but also to make backups as well as restores of your backups!

SciresM is not the original developer since it is Bernardo Giordano, however, he made some fixes to allow building a build with libnx v3.0.0, which allows him to run on firmware 12.0.0 / Atmosphere 0.19.x.
Download: Checkpoint.nro

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