Old BrowserHax XL Updated

Old BrowserHax XL

Zoogie has updated, only for OLD3DS, the Browserhax XL exploit so that it works up to the latest firmware 11.14.0-46, for the New3DS it was already the case, only the OLD3DS version did not work. Browserhax XL is an exploit that was sealed by Nintendo with the release of firmware 11.14, so this is excellent news for those who have an OLD3DS, for this you have to follow the instructions and download page.

This feat involves copying a few files to the SD card, going to a browser page, and pressing a few buttons. The exploit is based on the use of a crash that occurs when analyzing an iFrame.
Since 2DS is basically an OLD3DS, it is also affected by this update of the old Browserhax XL exploit, to take advantage of it, you must therefore have an OLD3DS (or OLD2DS) on firmware 11.14.0-46 in the US, EU, JP, or KR regions.
It's all here: old-browserhax-XL

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