PriiLoader 0.9.1 Released

PriiLoader 0.9.1

Released 15 years ago, the Nintendo Wii marked the history of video games, when we speak of the history of Nintendo how not to speak of this console.
Developed by DacoTaco, PriiLoader is a program resulting from a modified and improved version of Preloader 0.30, it has evolved in particular last year by providing support for the Wii Mini.
This utility makes it possible to repair semis-bricks, to activate and configure the system menu, the Homebrew Channel, BootMii IOS or even to add patches to block updates.


This new version proposed by DatoTaco aims to correct many bugs, such as the caching problem when removing the BSS from a dol or the crash loars 18 hacks were displayed in the hack menu. As a reminder, PriiLoader is compatible with Nintendo Wii, Nintendo Wii Mini and Nintendo Wii U.

Fixes & Improvements

  •     fixed possible caching issue when clearing a dol's BSS
  •     fixed crash when 18 hacks would be shown in the hacks menu
  •     fixed crash when 18 dol/elfs would be shown in the binaries menu
  •     fixed crash when 18 titles would be shown in the launch title menu
  •     fixed loading dol/elf arguments from nand if there are none
  •     fixed some memory leaks
  •     show error when user tries to enter menu using front buttons but is denied access

Download: PriiLoader 0.9.1

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