rePatch-reLoaded v1.1 and Mac Address Spoofer v.1.0 Released

rePatch-reLoaded v1.1 and Mac Address Spoofer v.1.0

Two interesting new features for the PlayStation Vita and PlayStation Tv, the arrival of rePatch reLoaded v1.1 and that of Mac Address Spoofer v1.0, the first is offered by SonicMastr while the second by Princess of Sleeping.

rePatch reLoaded

rePatch reLoaded is an update of rePatch renamed for the occasion as rePatch reLoaded by its developer SonicMastr which offers as you probably know a kernel plugin, which replaces the patch directory when an update is present on the official cartridges, and will load decoded games or DLC content on both 3.60 and 3.65 with NoNpDrm. This reLoaded version adds redirection to load homebrew apps and app0 :, ux0: data and ur0: data game data on other partitions.
Changelog 1.1:
- Fixed insecure homebrew that could not be patched (GTA SA should now work with rePatch and reData folders).
- Added support for ur0 partition to take advantage of maximum storage space.
Download: rePatch-reLoaded v1.1

Mac Address Spoofer

Another plugin that has just been released for the PlayStation Vita / PlayStation TV scene is Mac Address Spoofer, it is offered by Princess of Sleeping and allows MAC address spoofing. Changing the MAC address is all about making a device appear to have a different MAC address. With it you can thus force other devices to believe that your console is another device.
This plugin is offered as part of the Ky├╗HEN competition, but it is still not very innovative because it allows you to do the same thing as what Freakler proposed a year and a half ago with vita-macspoofer.
Download: Mac Address Spoofer v.1.0

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