SwitchThemeInjector V4.6.1 & NXThemesInstaller V2.6.1 Released

SwitchThemeInjector V4.6.1 & NXThemesInstaller V2.6.1

exelix11 has just released an update of SwitchThemeInjector and NXThemesInstaller which are respectively in version 4.6.1 and 2.6.1. Switch Theme Injector is responsible for applying automatic fixes like apps to common.szs files and easily replaces bntx file. NXThemes Installer, as its name suggests, allows you to install themes directly on your Nintendo Switch, it is compatible with NXThemes and szs.tv.

- Atmosphere 0.19 support
- Atmosphere now ships without a content folder, which causes previous versions to enable compatibility mode and create a titles folder in the / atmosphere directory. If you used previous versions of the theme installer, you can safely delete this folder.
- Support for the titles folder when running atmosphere has been discontinued. If you are using older versions of atmosphere (<= 0.10.0), please update your cfw.
- Various fixes in the handling of json in the theme injector.
- The home menu has not been updated to firmware 12.0, your current themes and existing patches should work fine.
Download: SwitchThemeInjector V4.6.1 & NXThemesInstaller V2.6.1

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