TegraExplorer 3.0.4 and Lockpick RCM 1.9.1 Released

TegraExplorer 3.0.4 and Lockpick RCM 1.9.1

suchmememanyskill continues to update its tools for the Nintendo Switch following the release of the all new firmware 12.0.0.
For those unfamiliar with TegraExplorer, this is a program that is a file manager that allows you to navigate the sysnand / sysmmc system partition, copy, delete, or create files or folders, and download the current firmware to the SD.

The changelog of this new version 3.0.4:
- A small update to support firmware 12.0.0
- This version also gives a nicer error message if pkg1 turns out to be unknown, rather than a spooky hex.
Download: TegraExplorer 3.0.4
Small addition, Lockpick_RCM also supports this new firmware: Lockpick_RCM 1.9.1

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