WiiFlow Lite v5.4.9 Released

WiiFlow Lite v5.4.9

A brand new version of WiiFlow Lite has just arrived on the servers of Fledge68 which offers us v5.4.9, this is the first official version of 2021 which introduces many new features since the previous version was released in November 2020 .

Changelog 5.4.9 :
    fix for music sample rates >48k
    officially added the clear CD case spine skin image. In your plugin ini file use casecolor=111111.
    fixed the page button of the source menu setup menu which sometimes said one too many pages.
    added 'no SSL only' as a private server choice. this allows you to patch games on your own with other wifi server url's besides wiimmfi.
    added private server as an option for nand wiiware games.
    added 480p pixel patch as option for nand wiiware/vc games. seems to only work if apploader is set to ON. loading via main dol is broke for the time being.
    added patch for error 23400 for CoD (Black Ops, Reflex, MW3) and Rock Band (3, The Beatles). (blackb0x)
    added patch for Mario Kart Wii remote code execution vulnerability when not using wiimmfi.(Leseratte)
    added code to handle an Out Of Memory error when downloading. (blackb0x)
    added Wiimmfi update code (0.7.5)(Leseratte)
    updated German, Spanish, Korean, and Polish languages thanks to Brawl345, RAVMN, DDinghoya, and KcrPL.
    added Github CI. Continuos Integration workflows. (Leseratte)

Download: WiiFlow Lite v5.4.9

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